Planned Unit Developments

Landlord Policy Optional Coverages can be full customized. If you are a Member of a Landlord Association, if you use a Property Management Company, if you insurance multiple properties and conduct tenant screening, discounts for Professional Landlords are available!  

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We also Insure:


A residential unit owned by the Insured located in a building under common ownership of the Association of which the insured is a Member.


The part of the residential building and/or land owned by the insured who is a member of the Association owning all common areas of the Development.

Apartment Complex or Dwelling

Single/Multifamily housing units, rented on a monthly or longer-term basis should include:
  1. Condo / Townhouses Associations
  2. Planned Unit Developments
Landlord Policy Optional Coverages can be full customized. If you are a Member of a Landlord Association, if you use a Property Management Company, if you insurance multiple properties and conduct tenant screening, discounts for Professional Landlords are available!

Manufactured homes

Include modular, single-wide and multi-sectional mobile homes, any value, new or several years old, seasonal or vacant, located in a park or on private property. Rental Mobile Home include manufactured, mobile and modular homes, park models and permanently sited travel trailers that are rented to others for habitational use.

Vacant Home Policy

Offer coverage for many homes that are no longer occupied by the homeowner.

Renters Policy

Covers insured’s personal property. When you rent someone else’s property, your primary concern is your stuff. A special reason why you should have a renter’s policy is because you have a lot of personal property. Your landlord policy does not cover your personal property. If you are renting a room from someone, their homeowners policy will not cover your belongings because you are a renter.

If you have a lot of specialty stuff, we need to sit down and do an evaluation on your property to determine the need for a Renter’s Insurance Policy! For instance, I met with Jamie the other day and she had a beautiful diamond ring on. It was worth over $15,000 today. If she was robbed how would she recover that ring? Well yes! The Renter’s Policy would.

Different categories of property have special limits attached to them including coins, securities and manuscripts, watercraft equipment, trailers not used with watercraft, jewelry, silverware, firearms, rugs, business property, electronic data processing that is located at the premises at the time of the loss.

Homeowners’ policies do not cover each and every risk to a house. Standard excluded loss types such as flood, earthquake, and war require special insurance policies or special endorsements to the homeowner’s policy.

A homeowners’ policy is generally an annual contract. You pay a premium to the insurer either direct or through your mortgage company.  Most insurers will set the premium amount after evaluating certain risk factors.  I would even such that before you buy a home, allow us to do a quote. The premium amount will also take into consideration the cost to replace or rebuild the house in the event of a total loss.

Factors which allow the carriers to determine whether a home is more or less likely to be damaged or destroyed are:

  • Proximity to a fire house
  • Use of burglar alarms
  • Proximity to flood zones or earthquake faults and
  • Age of home

Dwelling pays for damage to your house and to structure attached to your house. Damage to your plumbing, electrical wiring, heating, and permanently installed air-conditioning systems are all covered fixtures.

Other Structures coverage pays for damage to fences, tool or storage sheds, swimming pools, freestanding garages, guest cottages and other structures not attached to your home.  If you add these types of items after purchasing please make sure you update your agent with the value of the new purchases. Your policy should be endorsed.

Personal property coverage reimburses you for the value of your possessions including furniture, electronics, appliances and clothing, damaged or lost even when they aren’t on your property, such as those at an off-site storage locker or with your child at school or college. Any property away from the insured location may be subject to coverage based upon a limited percentage of value or depending on some policies at replacement cost.

Some forms of personal property – such as silverware, computers, guns, money, expensive antiques, and jewelry – have limited coverage under your homeowner’s policy and may need additional insurance.  Additional and broader coverage may be added to your policy by purchasing an endorsement.

Additional living expenses or loss of use

After a disaster you might not be able to live in your home while repairs are being made. Luckily, most home insurance policies cover additional living expenses or “loss of use” costs that you incur due to a covered loss. Expenses may include limited rental home or motel cost, restaurant meals and storage.

Some examples of covered expenses are hotel bills, apartment rent and meals at restaurants. Some policies will only pay for the difference between what your normal bills are and what you had to pay because of the disaster. For example, if you normally pay $400 for food every month and now you have to pay $600, the company will pay you $200.

This coverage doesn’t cover your normal expenses such as gas, electric, water, or your mortgage and it won’t pay for you to stay in a five star hotel while your home is being repaired. Your additional living expenses will be covered for the shortest period of time required to repair or replace your home.

Ordinance of law coverage

If your home is older, it is important to consider building ordinance coverage. Building codes change periodically, so if your house is badly damaged and you are forced to rebuild all or part of the home you will need to make sure that all the new areas that are built are up-to-code—and this can cost you. A few companies offer policies that will pay for you to have your home rebuilt to code if it’s destroyed.

If you have especially expensive items, like jewelry, furs or expensive equipment, you may need to purchase an additional type of coverage, called a floater or endorsement. This will allow you to insure each expensive item individually or as a collection based on what the item is worth. Homeowners policies cover person items such as guns, jewelry, business assets, waterbeds, earthquake and flood coverage, paintings, antiques, collections, etc.

Personal Liability covers your legal defense if you are sued and financial loss if found legally responsible for injuries or damages to someone else.  This coverage applies to you and all family members who live with you.

Medical Payments pay for persons accidentally injured on your property or away from your property caused by a member of your family or your pets regardless of who is at fault. This coverage does not apply to your injuries or those of family members living with you or to activities involving your at-home business.

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