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Jim and Bonnie Grant met in Houston, Texas in 1996 and married in 1999. Jim started his insurance career in 1996 as a claim representative for Progressive Insurance, while Bonnie owned a business called Stretch-n-Grow, teaching young children about fitness and nutrition. In 2003, Jim was recruited by Farmers Insurance to become the Property State Claims Manager in Arizona, so they packed up and moved to Mesa!  In 2006, Farmers asked Jim to move to Nevada to become a manager over the entire state. While in Arizona, Bonnie began her career as a mortgage lender in Arizona, a path she continued when they moved to Nevada.

Bonnie’s first experience with auto insurance was when she was involved in a major accident in 1983, suffering life-threatening injuries. Because of this accident, she cannot have children. Bonnie and Jim adopted their first dog, Buddy, in 2001 and have since adopted Max and Elvis. In 2018, our Australian Cattle dog Mollie joined our family and our agency.

In 2009, Bonnie decided to start her own insurance agency, becoming a captive agent for Farmers Insurance. Jim left claims and joined her in 2010.  While they loved being captive agents, learned a lot about the agency side of the business, and built a large book of business of loyal customers, they found being only able to quote 1 carrier to be somewhat stifling. Because of that, they left Farmers and started All Risk Insurance Solutions in 2020.  Being able to offer over 20 different carrier options opened up a whole new world, not only for them, but for their customers.

Bonnie and Jim are experienced in all personal lines, including auto, home, life, and all your toys, like ATV’s, boats, motorcycles, and whatever else you can have fun with here in the Nevada desert. We also handle commercial insurance, bonds, workers compensation, and other lines.

In our spare time, we love to take our side by side into the desert, play with Mollie, play pool, watch movies, and hike in the mountains around our home.

Independent Insurance Agent

Built to be better

We at All Risk Insurance Solutions wanted to look for a better insurance solution. In 2020 we had a thought, “Why just offer one insurance company in our office?” When rates changed for our customers, there needed to be a better way to help my customers. As an independent agency, we now will be able to provide more carriers in one office. With 40+ carriers to offer you, we work to find exactly the coverage and payment options that fit your budget. Even though we provide companies that have a national presence, we want to ensure a hometown feel to your insurance experience.

Our Vision

Our vision is to set the standard of excellence among insurance agencies in Henderson and Las Vegas NV by being innovative, being financially strong, and exceeding customer expectations. Our agency wants to provide more options in one place so that a customer will not need to go anywhere else to meet their insurance needs. By changing to an independent insurance agency offering over 40 of the Nation’s Top Carriers in one location, we believe we will be able to solve more needs than any captive or semi-captive agent can ever think of trying to do so!
An agent from a Business Insurance Agency in Nevada helping a business owner

Why work with an Independent Agent?

Agents do the Shopping for You. Agencies represent a carefully selected group of financially sound, reputable insurance companies. 


Agents are trained to find the right amount of coverage at a great rate. 


One-Stop Shop Many agencies offer many lines of insurance for personal, business, life and Medicare.  


You can get all the coverage you want from one source. Simple & Easy.


Agents utilize unique technology methods to offer quotes and issue evidence of insurance within minutes. They make your life much easier. 


Agents keep up with Industry Trends. We have been vetted to work with all the insurance companies we have access to. We keep up with industry trends and we know how to build you a fantastic policy.

Why work with an Independent Agent

An Independent insurance agent such as All Risk Insurance Solutions does not work for a particular insurance company. They work for many or multiple insurance companies or an Association. By comparison, a captive agent or a semi-captive agent like we were for Farmers Insurance. Previously, we worked for only one type of insurance company and sold only its policies and represented the company, not you. The biggest advantage of working with an independent insurance agent like All Risk Insurance Solutions is that he/she can help you find the best policy for Your insurance needs. Captive agents can only provide you with insurance policies that are sold by the parent company. Independent agents can evaluate your insurance needs and then find a policy that meets those needs. The agent does not have to focus only on the policies of one company and can shop around for you.

Working with an independent insurance agent, like All Risk Insurance Solutions, is great they represent You instead of an insurance company. Independent insurance agents look out for your best interests. They do not have to abide by the strict rules that come with being a captive agent, and they can help you instead. Captive agents represent the company. Independent agents represent you to the companies. Independent agents can provide you with honest information to help you avoid bad policies that may not fit your needs.

Have any questions? Ask us anything, we’d love to answer!

Relax a little more with Insurance Protection

Auto Insurance

We have over 40+ insurance carriers to help find you the best auto insurance policy that will match your needs with a rate that make you do the happy dance. While we do not recommend doing a happy dance in your car, we understand the excitement our clients have. Feel confident knowing that when your motorcycle or car insurance rates increase or changes in life occur, we have a policy that will work for your driving needs.

Home Insurance

Home sweet home, is where you hang your hat! Homeowners' insurance policies combine various types of protections, like property damage, contents coverage, liability, medical payments, and temporary living expenses, to cover losses that might occur to a privately owned residence, or as a result of the ownership of a residence or real property.

Business Insurance

When you need commercial insurance, you need to speak with an agent who understands how much your business means to you. At All Risk Insurance Solutions, we make sure that you get the best Business Insurance deal that will protect your business and all its assets from those unforeseen events that might cause detrimental effects on your business.

We have used Bonnie for 12 years. Thru thick and think totaly great service. We are busy peopled travel a lot. Bonnie and Grant insurance have our back. every time.
- William B.
An agent that makes you feel like family. Knowledgeable in products and making sure you don’t have any gaps in your coverage in case the worst happens. They’re local and there is always someone in the office to answer your calls or questions.
- Tabatha S.
I appreciate Bonnie and Jim and the amount of time they spend to make sure all my questions are answered and the timely follow up. Great Agents!!!
- Chad S.
Bonnie takes her time with you as a Client to ensure you will get insured properly for your home/business. My experience with her for my own small business was great. I highly recommend All Risk Insurance to those who need insurance for their business.
- Tamalyn Y.
Bonnie and husband are the best. They will work relentlessly to save you as much money as they possibly can on your insurance. I have been with Bonnie for years and years and with multiple companies. I would recommend her to anybody.
- Damian S.
Bonnie is Awesome! She gives it to you straight, doesn't sugar coat anything. She is charismatic and easy to talk to. Also very accommodating to busy and different schedules.
- Christina S.

Make The Right Move

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As Nevada’s Hometown Insurance Agency, we can help make you smarter about insurance.
Depending on your location, you may be eligible for certain discounts. See how we can help you save money on insurance specific to Nevada residents.

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